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Read More is 22 today. 

I’M SORRY THIS is kind of sloppy.
But I have three things for you ready to be mailed that are better.
Including the traditional gay-OC-smooching 

I forgot to do the rest of these until now. So, instead of five, here is six~ 
Apparently I have a fetish for vests and half-jackets? > >

Gawain :: The passive-aggressive ‘gangster’ [story]
Quill :: The cowardly elf-hermit  [story] 
Dima :: The forcibly ’reformed’ villain  [role-play] 
Ditalis :: The once emotional cripple [role-play]  
Dragon :: Dom’s Bitch, better half, and mate [role-play]  
"The Blind" :: The sanest ‘sand-man’ around [story]

Time Wasting

The yellow colored bloke is my first attempt at fanart from one of my friend’s stories. There will be mucho much more of him soon. The colorful twit is called Coma and is not nearly as awesome, since ‘e is mine.

Cosh, The Sequel

Hey, look, I finished something. Line art is here, yo~

Cosh, Hey Cosh!~

I realized it had been a while since I had drawn something for my bro~ Coshledak, so I decided to fix that.
I’ll ruin color it later~ {{ EDIT: I forgot the horns. lolfail }}
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